LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — We are less than a week away from the NFC championship game, which will pit divisional rivals San Francisco and Los Angeles against one another for a spot in the Super Bowl.

It will also pit former Longview Lobos against one another as well, Trent Williams and Jamycal Hasty on the Niners, and Travin Howard on the Rams, and Longview head coach, John King, couldn’t be more proud.

“To see where they’re at today is no surprise, they had a lot of God-given ability that they put to use, made the most of this opportunity, and here they are one step away,” said King. “Somebody is going to the Super Bowl so we are going to have a Lobo in the Super Bowl one way or another so I’m excited about that.”

The 49ers tout two Lobos, one of which being future hall of fame offensive tackle, Trent Williams, who in his 12th NFL season, received the highest player grade in the league.

“He is a phenomenal athlete, great football player, got a mean streak in him, you know, and I’m just tickled to death for him to have a chance to be in a conference championship game,” said King.

Alongside Williams in San Francisco is Jamycal Hasty, who has proven throughout his career, he can play anywhere the offense needs him.

“Phenomenal athlete, unique skill set, you can put him in the slot you can put him in the backfield he can throw it, he can catch it, he can run it returns kicks, you name it he can do it,” said King.

Looking to stop the 49er offense will be Rams linebacker, Travin Howard, who King says is one of the most versatile athletes he has ever coached.

“Very intelligent, smart football player, that’s involved in the kicking game, special teams stuff as well as playing defense for them and playing at a high level, one of the best open-field tacklers that there is in the NFL,” said King.

They may be sporting different colors now, but they all got their start in Lobo green in Longview, with a “Rockin L” on the side of their helmet.

“They know the importance of what they’re doing to us back here in Longview and you know three great guys to carry that torch for us and I think all of East Texas will be proud of them,” said King.

The conference championship game will be held at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, and no matter what happens on Sunday, at least one of them will be returning, for Super Bowl 56.