The TJC Apaches are coming off a bowl-winning season but they are under new leadership after Thomas Rocco left for a coaching position at Sam Houston.

In steps new Tyler Head coach Tanner Jacobson, who is excited and looking to build on the apaches’ success.

“If we can continue to build that energy and use that energy every single day, day in and day out we will be that much better by the time the season rolls around,” says Head Coach Tanner Jacobson.

As a first-year Coach, Jacobson says he is trying to grow the culture and bring the intensity up on his team.

“After our team warmups, we’re going to be competing, ones versus ones, good ole trash talk and a little juice going so that really what I’m looking forward to is that juice and instilling a competitive nature in our football team,” declares Jacobson.

The biggest offseason question will be at quarterback, with seven players currently battling for the starting job, after General Booty left to join the Oklahoma Sooners.”Right now there is a lot of talent and reps going different ways as we get closer to camp and game one those things divide themselves out and a leader will emerge and I’m excited to see who it will be,” explains Coach Jacob

The Apaches took a huge step forward in 2021, making the conference championship, and winning a bowl game.

Coach Jacobson hopes it will be the foundation of a championship run in 2022.

“Some of those guys got a little taste of how close they were and the sacrifice you have to make to get there and win it again so I’ve been really impressed with the leadership of our older guys that have been here,” adds Coach Jacobson.

It’s a new day for TJC football, with that same, Apache pride.