TYLER, Texas (KETK/Fox51) — With two weeks left in the regular season, first-year head coach Rashaun Woods and his Tyler Lions control their own playoff destiny.

“Guys understand what their assignment is. And we’ve got to continue to work on, you know, being good, awful quarters. But when we do do things right, good things happen,” sWoods.

“I got to make sure my team is right. They’re going to fight to the end. It’s my senior year So I’ve got to make sure that stamped in we keep fighting to the end. No matter who out there who’s playing against, it’s going to be a fight,” added senior Derrick McFall.

During this turnaround campaign, sophomore quarterback, Caden Granberry, has emerged as a team leader.

“They help me just keep calm early in the game. You know, as a young guy, you can get very nervous in the beginning but you got to come back down and get locked in,” explained Granberry.

“I have seen great things going against me in practice. He’s seen different looks and I’m one of the best DBS in Texas, so he’s been going against the best of the best,” said senior Zachaun Williams.

“He’s adjusted very well something I didn’t expect as a young quarterback, sophomore, first year on varsity. I mean, it’s a hard it’s a hard position to handle, especially playing quarterback in East Texas, so he is doing his thing,” said McFall.

The Lions are learning what it takes to win, and reminding everyone, what Cujo really means.

“I want to show them the tradition of Cujo. And I just want to bring back my senior year. Like I say, I’ve tried to bring it play out, ruin everything,” declares McFall.

“It means that I’m bringing the tradition back that was lost. So having it back for us is huge,” added Williams.

“You know, it means everything, you know, because you don’t always go, you know, if I used to respect me, you know, we’re trying to get that respect back,” exclaimed Granberry.

The job isn’t finished yet in Tyler, but the foundation is being set, as the Lions are finding their roar, once again.