TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The Tyler Lions didn’t let the rain stop them from working on their craft at their indoor facility Thursday afternoon.

“It feels wonderful to be out here with the teammates and it feels good to be on the football field again,” says Derrick McFall.

“I’m really excited, I’ve been gone for a while because of track but I’m back and we’re going to be better,” adds wide receiver, Montrell Wade.

The Lions are preparing for the 2022 campaign and looking for a new quarterback after Eli Holt graduated. Coach Ricklan Holmes says he has seen some great things from the new guys.

“Understanding what it takes to be a quarterback at Tyler High, knowing that responsibility is huge and great and they’re accepting it with open arms,” tells head coach Ricklan Holmes.

“It comes with experience, you’re going to throw picks, everyone is going to talk about you, but you just got to overcome that adversity whenever people talk about you,” says McFall.

After getting reps at QB last season, Derrick Mcfall looks to make plays in the open field for the Lions.

“It feels good because I need the ball in my hands to make plays, it doesn’t matter, I just want to be on the field at any time to help my teammates no matter what position,” declares McFall.

“Derrick is just an athlete, he can do it all even if he is a quarterback he’s going to get it done,” exclaims Wade.

Although Tyler is young, there is a lot of promise and the Lions are maturing but a big key point of emphasis next year is depth.

“Wait your turn and be patient, understand that all the work that you’re putting in is not going unnoticed. I know this is a microwave age and everybody wants everything now, but we cooking on a stove, we got pots going. That’s the mind frame you have to have,” says Coach Holmes.

“We need as many people on the team that can play, everybody is going to be gassed and tired, so we just need a lot of people to be there and help us,” tells McFall.

Coach Holmes and his lions are looking to bring consistency into the 2022 season when they kick off on August 26th against Marshall.