WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) — The Winnsboro Red Raiders have been rolling this season, sitting at 6-0 and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

They call themselves the “Rugged Red” crediting their dedication to the weight room for their success.

“We spend a lot of time in here all summer long, before school, after and during the periods, you know that’s where a lot of our success has been built in there,” says head coach Josh Finney.

“It’s a big deal, we can’t run as fast and can’t move as big of people, our offensive line is small this year but we’re all strong so we can hold up our own,” tells senior right guard Lane Lewis.

“We’re a lot faster than we’ve ever been, everybody is running around 4.5 or 4.6 and it’s helping us out a lot,” adds Senior Receiver Hayden Deaton.

The Red Raiders are killing it on offense, averaging around 50 points a game and they believe uniting as a family is a driving force for the team.

“I think it’s just because we came together as a team so much, I have been here for 4 years and we’ve never been this much together,” declares Deaton.

“This year is the first time I ever really seen our team actually play together and it’s really got a family feel to it,” exclaims Lewis.

Head coach Josh Finney says his first group of seniors he coached for 4 years are helping mold the next generation of Red Raiders.

“These guys have bought in since the first day and just watching those guys mature on the field, off the field and the work ethic they bring, I’m really pleased to watch them on the field have the success they are having,” says coach Finney.

Up next for the Red Raiders are their rivals, the unbeaten Mount Vernon Tigers.

Coach says the atmosphere Friday will be unmatched with a sold-out crowd and standing room only.

“For these players to be able to play in this type of game and see this many people come out and support them from both towns, this place will be packed on Friday night. So it’s just an awesome experience for our high school kid, I don’t care if you’re a cheerleader, in the band, or just a fan it’s just a really big atmosphere, I don’t think you can get any bigger and this will be the most people that’s ever been in the stadium this Friday night,” explains coach Finney.

We will see who can get bragging rights and remain unbeaten on the season.

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