Tyler, Texas (KETK)- FCA Heart of a Champion weekend will start in June and earlier this week the latest batch of coaches were announced.

For one she says FCA has been apart of her life throughout her athletic career.

“it saved me life, i mean it did through FCA I came to know Christ in a very important way,” tells Harmony assistant coach Whitney Phillips.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has played an important role in Harmony assistant coach Whitney Philips’ life, when she found out about it as a student at Chapel Hill high school.

“I did FCA camp every summer , came to Christ through FCA camp, went to college, interned here in Tyler with Robert and the FCA staff. that was a super growing experience, was a huddle leader at fca camps then i was a coach at camps,” adds Coach Philips.

Philips was an FCA all-star her senior year and continued with it at ETBU.
after college she came back to FCA as an intern and now leads the small group at Harmony high school.

“I will be able to connect with them just know what they’re going through and life experiences,” declares Coach Phillips.

Eagles head coach Sheri Seahorn was announced as the red softball team’s head coach and brought Whitney on for her staff. a moment Philips says has come full circle

“It means the world honestly, its crazy I didn’t know that i was going to be doing this, this year my head coach at Harmony is the head coach of the red team and she brought me with her. so I’m super thankful for Sheri Seahorn that and just to be getting to be involved with this game and to just be involved in FCA and doing it in a bigger scheme of East Texas that’s a huge thing. I think its going to be a great experience for all involved,” smiles Phillips.

“Coach JP, she is also head of our junior high FCA so its a really cool thing that she gets to come back here and be on the coaches side than everything else she has been used to do kind of behind the scenes,” declares Harmony head coach Sheri Seahorn.

As an assistant coach for the all star game her mission is to inspire the next generation to seek a relationship with GOD.

“Just to know Jesus that’s my goal for the kids that i coach now, the teammates that I had in college and of course this FCA game is just for them to know Christ and to compete,” exclaims Coach Phillips.

“For FCA that’s everything you go back to the goals of the game. give GOD the glory in everything we do and man as a ministry we want to see. every coach and player into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. that may mean they learn a little bit more about him or they fully step into a relationship with him,” tells Area Director Robert Barton.

Day in and day out Philips continues her mission to inspire and motivate young Christian athletes.