Gladewater, Texas (KETK)- When you think about the Gladewater Bears, explosive plays from Kollin Lewis come to mind. He was an athlete coaches could tell was special, even when he was a kid.

“You can see potential in kids when they start out as youth but the difference comes between taking it from one level to the next is hard work and we’ve seen Kollin put in the work to see the things he needs to do. He has been committed to everything he put his mind to,” says Little League Coach Larry Warren.

He also got plenty of advice from his dad Jermaine Lewis, who is also an assistant football coach at Gladewater. Kollin says his dad taught him growth and maturity as a student athlete throughout the years.

“Him coaching me every since I was younger, him being around me, working me out and pushing me harder everyday being the best person I am matured me into a young man I am now I’m going to miss him,” tells Kollin Lewis.

“I didn’t want to just play basketball and send money home to the family but I wanted to be around him so just me being around and having the support that he does have I think that’s the outcome we got today is because of that,” explains Kollin’s Dad Jermaine Lewis.

Kollin earned a division 1 scholarship to the University of North Texas, something he has visualized since he was a young boy.

“I’m really excited, it was always a dream since a little kid playing at the next level and to make it to the next level,” says Lewis.

“I’m super proud, its something he has always dreamed about, we talked being consistent and once you’re consistent you can make things happen,” adds Coach Lewis.

“Its a big deal when anybody signs anywhere but being division 1 and having everything paid for then with Kollin I have know him since he was crawling around here so it makes it a little more special for me,” smiles Gladewater Head Coach Jonny Louvier.

Lewis says the mean green coaching staff was a big decision in why he decomitted from Texas State, and chose UNT and he looks to have the opportunity to play in all three phases of the game.

“I feel like my skill set it will help my team out a lot, playing both sides or whatever they want me to play so I feel like I’m very versatile, I can play both sides of the ball,” tells Lewis.

“He is one of those guys that can go in and its not like you can only play this spot so he is going to get there and find his niche and excel at it,” declares Coach Louvier.

Kollin looks to bring the culture and determination he learned in Gladewater, and put it on full display in Denton.