TROUP, Texas (KETK) — This is Adrian Salazar, and he has been boxing for years and says he fell in love with the sport, through the good times and the bad.

“The feeling of winning, that feeling really gets you and I guess the feeling of losing as well, you know it pushes you to do better. then you end up making it your life,” declares Salazar.

After losing his primary coach, that’s when he found Candice Vascocu at the Troup Boxing Gym, and she helped take his skills to the next level.

“With her, she opened a lot of doors and she pushes me and she finds me like a lot of good fights,” adds Salazar.

“I mean he is a dog, he is a great fighter but he had some fundamental things he needed to work on footwork and things like that. I felt like that really started in October, I noticed a shift, like us building a relationship like a corner man and fighter,” exclaims Vascocu.

After training at least five times a week, Adrian went to the USA boxing nationals in Lubbock and took home first place.

“It meant a lot because I went in there not being top 10 or top 20 but I put in a lot of work, all I got to say is that hard work pays off,” tells Salazar.

“So meeting a goal is rewarding, it’s awesome and it makes you feel like you can help other people, it’s kind of everything all in one,” smiles Vascocu.

With that big win under his belt, Salazar is still putting in the work in hopes of making it to the Olympics, although, there is a possibility, boxing could be removed from the 2024 Paris games.

“There is a very like 80% chance that it’s not going to happen so that’s news that just came to us within the past few weeks there have been some other opportunities that he has been offered so we don’t know,” says Vascocu.

So while there is uncertainty about the next step, that won’t stop Salazar from continuing to chase his dreams in the ring.

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