TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Tuesday morning the 2023 FCA Heart of Champion coaching staffs were announced, and the red softball team will be led by Harmony head coach Sheri Seahorn, who says it was an honor to be named to lead the team, after serving as an assistant a year ago.

“It’s an absolute honor, it’s what most people don’t get the opportunity to do, I was able to be an assistant last year, and when Robert asked I was like oh yes because kids learn from us but we also learn from kids and I think it’s a two-way street on this that the kids can teach us just as much as we can about our walk with christ every day,” tells Sheri Seahorn.

Since she is the head coach she selects her assistants, so Sheri chose Gilmer Head coach Keirsten Seahorn, who happens to be her daughter.

“Everybody dreams of being able to coach with your kid and then to be able to coach with my kid in this atmosphere is just icing on the cake, that is just one of the most wonderful experiences that I will cherish as a coach and as a parent, ” Coach Sheri adds.

“It means the world to get to coach beside her and later this year, she mention before we get to coach against each other and we are going to call it the Seahorn showdown, so we will get to see how that goes but it’s an honor and blessing that she even asked for me to be here,” declares Coach Keirsten.

The Seahorns believe this will help their relationship grow leading the next generation of Christian athletes, but the most significant thing they want to do is build a relationship with the athletes they don’t normally get to coach.

“We coach against them but we don’t really get to know them and like last year, I was like oh yall are really cool kids I didn’t like you because you were on the other team but now I really like you and there is a reason you’re here so I think that’s one of the biggest about,” exclaims Coach Sheri.

As the coach’s draft players coach Sheri is confident in the talent she has to choose from here in East Texas.

“Oh my gosh I’m going to tell you what 37 schools and you can’t go wrong, and they were like do you got a list and I’m like it’s whoever wants to play cmon we’re good to go its easy pickens this year,” laughs Coach Sheri.

Later this year, the Seahorn showdown could be one for the ages with a little bit of trash-talking to see who will bring bragging rights to the family dinners.

“You know if I lose the game, you know the Seahorns will never let me live it down so I have to come out on top otherwise I will never hear the end of it,” smiles Coach Keirsten.

The Seahorns, along with the rest of the east coaches, will once again share the sidelines and the mission to help the students grow in Christ.

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