GROVETON, Texas (KETK) — James Evans, Lane Johnson’s stepdad is from Groveton and also coached the Indians in the 80s, but gave up coaching at a different school to watch Lane play ball at Groveton.

He says he is proud of Lane for making it to the big stage and excelling.

“There are no words for that, everybody in Groveton is proud of Lane and it brings Groveton in the national light,” says Evans.

“Seeing what he is able to do and how well he has been able to represent not only Groveton but his family and the things he has accomplished has been amazing and we just hope he stays healthy and he continues to progress and have fun,” tells Lane’s assistant coach Kevin Parker.

“It’s awesome for our kids they dress in the same lockers and they play on the same field and they represent the G the same and its great to have a role model like him that represents our town and our community,” adds Groveton head coach Matthew Woodard.

Many say that Johnson is one of the best tackles in the game, well on this very field here in Groveton he made a name for himself as an all-around athlete playing quarterback, safety, you name it. they feel like those skills that he learned here transferred to the next level.

“He is quicker when you’re bigger and you’re just as strong and you got an arm’s length to keep them away from you! no, they don’t got a prayer,” laughs Evans.

 “He is an athlete and I don’t know if people understand that as an offensive lineman, if you watch him move and run, he is very athletic and he has always been that way…for him to come in and transfer from a skilled position to the linemen position that’s been big but he’s worked his tail off along the way,” explains Parker.

Now that Lane is balling for the Eagles, he makes sure he always mentions Groveton. Family and friends say he has Indian pride.

“Lane is proud, you will notice when he introduces himself in the games Groveton Texas,” declares Coach Evans.

With all of the success he is having in the NFL, the coaches in Groveton hope the Indians also focus on Lane’s love for academics.

 “You would go to track meets and he would literally be over on the visitors’ side in the top of the bleachers working on school work and that’s not a joke, this is the truth, that’s what he did and hopefully we can portray that message to the kids,” exclaims Parker.

“When people talk about him around here, they talk about his good character, his hard work ethic and they talk about that more than him as a football player and he is a heck of a football player,” adds Woodard.

Now he’ll look to win his 2nd super bowl ring when he and the Eagles take on the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.