Tyler, Texas (KETK) – East Texas had three athletes selected in this year’s NFL draft. It’s a great milestone for this area and it was especially amazing for Arp’s Demarvion Overshown, who the Dallas Cowboys drafted. We were there when he heard his name called.

The Cowboys select Demarvion Overshown, Linebacker, Texas.

Pick after pick went by, as Demarvion Overshown sat there, watching and waiting to hear his name called, and just before pick 89 was announced he got the call of a lifetime.

“It’s been worth it and its a blessing, being out here with my family and friends and I couldn’t have asked for the better, you know Dallas waiting on them close to home, Cowboys fans everywhere and my family is going to be at every game like I said the wait was worth it and I’m ready to get there,” said Demarvion Overshown.

“I’m over excited right now because when I came out into the situation I was like what is going on, did he get a call, I saw him come out and yep he got that call,” smiled Overshown’s mother, Felecia Williams.

“I’m excited but my son is even more excited we’re going to have to buy season tickets now so I’m going to have to have to get a full-time job again,” laughed former Arp Head coach Dale Irwin.

During the long wait, Demarvion kept the morale up by dancing.

“I was just trying to enjoy, I didn’t want nobody to be down or feel like I let anyone down because I didn’t go here or here but I knew my name was getting called,” explained Overshown.

“That’s what my son is all about small town, big heart,” declared Williams.

Demarvion looks to bring that beast Texas mentality to the metroplex and he said he is beyond pumped to play with a dog like Micah Parsons.

“Everybody doesn’t get to play with a legend like that, he is going to wear a gold jacket one day so I’m going to soak in whatever I can from him get behind him in drills and learn everything I can because he is dominant. A guy like that you just want to learn whatever you can from him,” exclaimed Overshown.

Overshown’s journey to draft night hasn’t been an easy one but he hopes to inspire the next generation of beast Texas athletes to stick with it and grind hard.

“Anybody can do it no matter where you are from stay to it, it’s going to get hard, it got hard for me but anybody can do it, sticking to it is the hardest part, as long as you do that, stay in school and listen to your parents it’s going to come to take your time and stay true to yourself,” Overshown said.

“If y’all only knew half of my son’s story they would know that dreams do come true,” smiled Williams.

“They just need to take notes and watch him and see how he acts and performs and carries himself and they can one day hopefully be in that position too,” explained Coach Irwin.

“You know I’m bringing everybody with me, the games will be packed out with whatever number I got. Everybody is going to have a jersey, I’m excited and I’m ready to work, its go time,” declared Overshown.