Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for Cason Weatherton.

“Seeing him persevere and overcome all the challenges that he’s faced over his year,” says Coach Kyle Farrell.

The Henderson Sophomore has lived his whole life with just one leg, but in a short amount of time, practicing a new sport, he is heading to the state in the seated shot put.

“It surprises me, I didn’t think I was going to go to state in my first year of it, I have only been practicing for a month so I was just shocked about it,” tells Weatherton.

“Taking on a totally new task and conquering the things he has within a short amount of time, I am very proud of him,” smiles Cason’s mom Shalondra Weatherton.

Cason credits his perseverance and never quit attitude to a mother’s love, telling him you can.

 “If somebody gives you the opportunity, take the opportunity and just try it, we don’t use cant, cant isn’t in our vocabulary, we can find a way but we not going to use the word cant because anything can be done,” exclaims Shalondra Weatherton.

 “I was like I can’t do it and she was like if you can’t then you never could so that got in my mind and that got me to go forward,” adds Cason.

The goal Cason set for himself is to do his best and make the podium at the state meet.

“If I make the podium, it’s going to be crazy, I will probably be running around, I’m not going to lie,” laughs Cason

“He wants to be the best at everything he does and I know that would be huge for him,” says Coach Farrell.

So what should we learn from his journey, from powerlifting, to shot put Cason says, never doubt yourself and just give it your best?

“I hope people see his drive and his determination and people can eliminate excuses for themselves in their life that might be holding them back or reason why they can’t get something done,” tells Coach Farrell.

“If you think that your best isn’t good enough at the end of the day you’re still practicing and trying your hardest so it’s like you’re still doing better than what you did the last time you did,” adds Cason.

Cason throws Friday at 12:30 P.M. in Austin,  adding yet another chapter, to an already incredible story.