TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Texas has a storied history when it comes to track and field, which is why there is an effort to build a facility in McKinney, that will honor lone star hall of famers, including east texas’ own, Sid Garton.

Garton, who died in October of 2020, was inducted into the Texas Track and Field Coaches Association Hall of Fame earlier that year.

He was a New Boston native, who was a world record sprinter, and an East Texas State hall of famer.

This new facility, which is still a few years away, will double as an indoor track, along with the hall of fame.

Stuart Kantor, who is the organization’s executive director, helped Garton write his memoir, and hopes this new facility will help up-and-coming texas athletes, learn about lone star legends, such as sid.

“Now that we’re on the verge of seeing something where people can actually go in and see memorabilia and commemorative stuff from these greats, and they can learn the history of the events that they love,” said Kantor.

The Texas Track and Field Coaches Association Hall of Fame is currently only online, but this new facility will be able to house memorabilia, along with the history, of some of our top athletes.