LINDALE, Texas (KETK) — With Super Bowl 57 right around the corner for the Kansas City Chiefs, one of Patrick Mahomes’ high school coaches, Randy McFarlin, couldn’t be more proud of the Whitehouse native.

“It makes this one very special that hey a sport that I coached, a young man came through our program and is playing this way on Sunday afternoon,” says McFarlin.

Patrick Mahomes, we all know the name but before Patrick’s last name was on NFL jerseys like this one, he lit up fields on Friday nights for the Whitehouse Wildcats.

“In high school, he and his class were just competitors, they loved to compete, three-sport lettermen, I mean football, basketball, and baseball and they loved to compete and they love to win,” says McFarlin.

Coach McFarlin coached Mahomes from 7th grade to 11th, and there was a quarterback battle every year but he knew Patrick was special his junior year with his ability to freestyle.

“I have a few grey hairs because of Patrick Mahomes running around making plays. I think Patrick’s biggest thing is his ability to make plays after the play is broken down, that’s what he had over Brady Attway and Hunter Taylor. His ability to make something out of nothing and run around making people miss and end up throwing touchdown passes that’s something he had that the other kids did not,” laughs McFarlin.

Now Mahomes is doing his ad-libbing on the big stage for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coach Mcfarlin credits his coaching staff for not changing Mahomes’ style of play and letting him just be Patrick.

“It goes back to that competitiveness, he just makes things happen, he is a playmaker and he makes plays and he raises the level of all those players around him. As a coach, you’re saying sometimes just execute the play like it’s called but he makes shifts and there he goes but that’s him and it’s just a joy to watch and look back on and think okay I have seen him do that in high school,” explains McFarlin.

We all saw Mahomes hurt his ankle in the divisional game and then gut it out and play in the AFC championship, it all goes back to the Beast Texas toughness he was taught in the Wildcat program.

“Patrick’s character that’s inside of him that’s there that just comes out and he is a team player, he always gives credit to his teammates and if he can go, he is going to go. not for himself but his team and teammates,” declares McFarlin.

As the Chiefs prepare to take on the Eagles Sunday, Mahomes coach believes they are going to pull out the win and get another ring.

“Will it be a great game I think so but I think you’re going to see Patrick and his offensive weapons shine,” exclaims McFarlin.