TYLER, Texas (KETK) — East Texas football is special, and one of the most iconic programs in this area is the Gilmer Buckeyes.

That’s one of the main focuses of a new book, which will be hitting shelves at the end of this month.

The book is called, Draw The Line written by White Oak native, and University of Mississippi professor, Dr. Hunter Taylor.

Taylor spent many years coaching here in East Texas and wrote this book to feature what makes east texas football so special, and how it has shaped our culture.

One of the main focuses is former Gilmer coach, Jeff Traylor, who led the Buckeyes to three state titles, including a championship in 2014 after the team was mourning the tragic death of their teammate Dez Pollard.

“You’re looking for a way to describe your home to someone who’s not from there, and I thought this was a great narrative to do that, to where I think you get a good picture of the best version of East Texas, something that is really special and sacred and in a way for people to get together and celebrate,” said Taylor. “You see how many people are involved in something like high school football, but it’s really, it’s ultimately about growing the next group of kids to become young men and young women who are productive citizens.”

the book will hit shelves on June 28th, with release events scheduled to take place in Gilmer, Jacksonville, and Marshall in the coming weeks.