SURPRISE, Arizona (KETK) – David Dahl spent nine seasons in the Colorado Rockies organization. When they decided to part ways with the former first round draft pick, the Texas Rangers pounced.

The rangers are hoping the former all-star outfielder will provide protection in the order for slugger Joey Gallo.

“Wherever Woody puts me, I’m ready to go,” Dahl said. “If you look at the lineup in Colorado, I was kind of hitting all over the place there, too. I’m used to moving around. I like hitting too. They want me to hit behind Joey, I’ll do whatever.”

“I haven’t really given it too much thought, I’m trying to see how the guys pair up with each other. Dahl, Gallo back to back kind of intrigues me,” Rangers Manager Chris Woodward said.

Don’t rule out seeing Dahl in the cleanup role. He’s not a prototypical 4-hole hitter. His career highs are 16 homers and 61 runs batted in.

But Dahl makes contact, something Woodward likes.

“He just has consistency in the strike zone, in the swing decisions and then obviously when they make contact, they’re putting the ball forward hard,” Woodward said. “If you get a 4-hole hitter that can do that, whether they get 35 or 40 homers or 10 or 15, they can still have a ton of impact on the lineup.”

The Rangers signed Dahl to a one-year deal with the hopes he’ll be a 300 hitter.

Dahl struggled at the plate in the COVID-19 2020 season, and he went into the off season knowing what to address.

“Just trying to not swing at as many balls, trying to lock in more on the strike zone,” Dahl said. “I’m a swinger, I like to swing, so just aggressive in the zone, I’d say, I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of that in spring training.”

The Rangers hope the results continue when the games count beginning April 1 in Kansas City.