SURPRISE, Arizona (KETK) – Coronavirus has infiltrated its way into Major League Baseball and now the league has stepped in with a preliminary plan to try and combat the virus.

In an attempt to assure the safety of its players, MLB announced that all clubhouses would be closed to the press and that questions would be answered outside.

We’re all doing little things and we’ll all continue to besmart and take precautions. At the same time we recognize how important ourfans are to the game and you are an extension of our fans. And we are going todo everything we can to assure you get the access you need to our players youneed to do your jobs.

Jon Daniels, Rangers GM

Rangers third baseman Todd Frazier couldn’t believe that it has come to this point.

“This is really different. I think it’s the right steps, to be honest with you. You don’t really think things like this can happen, but now it’s starting to become a reality that, you know, this is some serious stuff,” he said.

While many fans recognize the need for the league to take steps out of caution, they are worried about the possibility of playing in empty stadiums or even postponing the season.

“I don’t know if that means postponing the season or something else,” said Bret Richards. “Playing in empty stadiums or whatever man. I mean hindsight will be 20/20. We go through this every year. Something is always gonna kill us. I think that’s what it is this year.

Paula, a fan from Midland, said she understands the caution but refuses to start stocking up on supplies. And one usher at the stadium says that he’s “cleaned up every bid virus” and that is why he is not worried.

“I figure I’ve cleaned seats for eight years and I’ve cleaned up every bird virus there’s ever been on these seats. I figure I’m good forever. No, we don’t worry about it.

Jim Monachino, Stadium Usher