LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KETK)-The Beast Texas Combine camp was held Saturday afternoon at Longview Highschool.

Longview Lobo alums Trent Williams, JaMycal Hasty, and Super bowl Champ Travin Howard along with Gilmer’s Blake Lynch were back in East Texas teaching the next generation valuable lessons and helping them improve their skills.

The guys said it means a lot to them because this moment is full circle because they were once in these kids’ shoes.

“It feels amazing, man. That’s the only way we can, you know, grow, especially at. As a society, as a culture, we got to reach back, you know? And if you don’t, you know, to me, I think that’s the measure of a man. How good can you make the person next to your the generation under you,” said Williams, San Francisco 49ers Offensive Lineman.

Williams said the purpose of the camp is to pass NFL combine knowledge to the next generation.

“It’s everything, you know? Um, I was the one them, you know, like I tell people I was once in their shoes, like literally I was here, you know, Um, and to, make it to where I am now. I, I have to give back, you know, it’s something that I have to, it’s a necessity,” said Howard, Los Angles Rams Linebacker.

Many of the guys said it is great to be back in East Texas to help train the next rising stars from this area.

“It’s possible. You know, growing up sports is everything to us. So just to be able to make it to this level and give back and show these kids that anything is possible hard work and dedication,” said Lynch, Minnesota Vikings Linebacker.

“Uh, it means a lot, bro. I mean, it’s like a surreal moment, you know what I mean? Just being out here and just seeing this, you know, and just being a part of it. So it’s a great moment, man. And I just hope they enjoyed themselves and just learn something even if it something small,” exclaimed Hasty, San Francisco 49ers running back.