HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) — “I will always be a Cowboys fan and a Cowboy cheerleader,” declares Cowboy Lady Archie Whitaker.

This is Archie Whitaker, many people in East Texas affectionately know her as the Cowboy Lady from Henderson.

“That somebody knew that I was a die-hard Cowboy fan. Jesus is my hero but the Cowboys is my team,” tells Whitaker.

A tin can full of popcorn given out at the first-ever Cowboys game launched Ms. Archie’s massive collection.

“I had so much Cowboys stuff so it was either a Cowboy room or a cowboy house. I had so much stuff and I wanted it where I can just sit and look at it,” says Whitaker Ms. Archie who started indeed, collecting so much stuff that she doesn’t know how many items are in her Cowboy room.” I can’t count that high.”

Archie says most of her items come from thrift stores like Goodwill or garage sales but she adds most importantly people always pay it forward.

“Whenever I walk in and I find stuff at Goodwill, that’s what I go to Goodwill for. I hit Goodwill, garage sales,  and then here in Henderson, everybody knows, I am known as the Cowboy Lady so I have a lot of stuff people will come by and give to me and some of the people at the second-hand stores, if cowboys stuff comes in they, will put it in the back and call me,” explains Whitaker.

Ms. Archie has had a blast from the past with some great pieces.. here are a few of her prized possessions”My cowboy table, you take the top off and it says Dallas Cowboys, there is a glass and then there is Texas stadium,” tells Whitaker.  “I have photography of Tony Dorsett on his signing day, May the 3rd, 1977, that’s one of my prized possessions because that’s something that won’t be redone.”

She believes this room will signify her allegiance to America’s team”You have to be true and faithful to some things in life and if you’re a Cowboy fan then people should know that you’re a cowboy fan,” smiles Whitaker.

One thing is for certain and two things are for sure, Ms. Archie Whitaker will be rooting for her Cowboys this season.”

Being a Cowboy fan is an emotional experience, when they win it’s good, they are my Cowboys. when they start losing I still love them but they are my Cowgirls,” laughs Whitaker.