Joe Burrow and the Bengals have been preparing all week to take on the Chiefs in the AFC championship game on Sunday. However, rather than pouring over even more tape or discussing the gameplan in excruciating detail, Cincinnati’s franchise quarterback has a different plan for Saturday’s flight to Kansas City: play Super Smash Bros. 

That’s right: Joe Burrow is a fan of the Nintendo classic. 

Speaking to reporters Friday, Burrow admitted that with no other football games on Saturday, he and a few of his teammates will likely fire up Super Smash Bros. and play during their time in the air. The 26-year-old said that he’s played the game on a handful of occasions during team flights this season.

Among the most important takeaways: Burrow said that he chooses Ness as his main character to play with. 

“I’m a Ness main,” Burrow said with a smirk, receiving a noticeable silence from the room full of a reporters. “Nobody knows what that means, that’s O.K. That’s some nerd stuff around here.”

He also revealed that fellow third-year play Clay Johnston is among the better players on the team when it comes to the video game.

Burrow, Johnston and whoever else ends up involved in the Super Smash Bros. games may take some time on the flight to relax, but the Bengals will have their sights firmly set on the ultimate goal of beating the Chiefs for the second year in a row in the conference title game. Cincinnati will once again have to do so on the road, a feat that the franchise already accomplished last season when punching its ticket to Super Bowl LVI. 

The Bengals and Chiefs will square off in the AFC championship game on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. ET.