The NBA and NBPA are trying to finalize a new collective bargaining agreement ahead of Friday night’s opt-out deadline, but one key change does not appear to be on the table. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports the new CBA isn’t expected to include a change to the NBA Draft’s “one-and-done” rule.

Currently, draft prospects must be at least 19 years old during the calendar year of the draft to put their name in the pool. That means that high school graduates have to play elsewhere, whether that be college, the G League or overseas, for a season before joining the league.

The NBA used to allow players to go straight from college to the league, but incorporated the “one-and-done” rule starting with the 2006 draft. There has been momentum to lower the league’s age back to 18 starting in as early as 2024, but according to Wojnarowski, that won’t be the case with this CBA.

The current CBA is set to expire after the 2023–24 season, but both sides have an opt-out deadline of Friday night, which means either side can opt-out of the CBA on June 30. That deadline has already been pushed back twice, first from December to February then from February to March 31.