Super Bowl LVII kicks off on Sunday, and whether you are watching a football game or just the commercials, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action.

That's right. If you know fashion, music, or love Pepsi products, there's probably a way to turn it into some cold, hard cash- or at least have fun trying.

I've found ten fun prop bets that anyone could try this Sunday. These ten are only a sample of what's out there, so be sure to look around. And remember, in addition to bets on the game, halftime show, and commercial breaks, you can even bet on what happens after the game. Will a player propose (Yes pays six times your investment!!)? Who will the MVP thank first in his speech (family pays 12 to one!). You'll have to stay tuned to the very end.

Bet on Super Bowl LVII on SI Sportsbook


Coin toss

You can bet on whether the coin lands on heads or tails or whether the Chiefs or Eagles will win the coin toss. Either way, your odds are exactly that…a coin toss. No experience is necessary.

Kansas City -105
Philadelphia -105

National Anthem length

Who doesn't love a great musical performance? The National Anthem is often one of the highlights of the game. This year's performer is Chris Stapleton. He's a country music singer who usually performs with his guitar, so we should expect an acoustic performance at a slower tempo but less vocal gymnastics. So, what will it be? Over or under two minutes and five seconds? Across the last 15 Super Bowls, the anthem has gone over eight times. Seven of those were over two minutes. Luke Bryan, another country singer, did it in 2:04 six years ago. I'll be taking the under at plus money.

OVER 2 Minutes And 5 Seconds -135
UNDER 2 Minutes And 5 Seconds +105

Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes To Sing the National Anthem?

This one is pretty straightforward. If it will take about 2:02 to get through the national anthem, can the Eagles or the Chiefs put together a scoring drive quicker than that? Personally, I do. With the game total all the way up at 50.5 at SI Sportsbook, this game is not expected to be a defensive standoff. Surely we still need to remember Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen in last year's AFC Divisional matchup. It took Mahomes a mere 13 seconds to drive down the field for a field goal that sent the game to overtime.

Yes -180
No +135

Commercial To Play First - Doritos vs. M&Ms

Doritos has always been a major player during the Super Bowl, but M&Ms will feature new spokesperson Maya Rudolph. Still, I'll take the plus money for Nacho Cheese here.

Doritos +105
M&Ms -135

Will A Player Record An Octopus?

This does not mean a literal octopus, though that is probably a bet somewhere.

An octopus is when a player that scores a TD is also the player that scores the 2-point conversion. This pays plus money for a reason. First, two-point conversions are attempted less than 10% of the time after a score. Second, two-point conversions are only successful about 50% of the time. Now add to that the odds of the same player scoring the TD and the conversion, and well- you can see why "NO" is -1400.

I would rather bet on an actual octopus in a Doritos commercial. I'll see if SI Sportsbook can get odds for that.

Yes +650
No -1400

Jersey of First TD Scorer

This is a super fun one. Will the jersey number of the player who scores the first TD be over or under 11.5? (TB12 need not apply).

The under is heavily juiced, but if you like Miles Sanders to be first like he was in the NFC Championship game, you'll want to grab this plus money. Travis Kelce, Dallas Goedert, and Patrick Mahomes also have jerseys under 12.

Take the under if you like Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, Isaiah Pacheco, or DeVonta Smith.

I'm going with the over.

Over 11.5 (+110)
Under 11.5 (-140)

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Both Jason and Travis Kelce score 1+ TD (+15000)

This is a fun one, but not a good bet.

If you've been following the "Kelce Bowl," you know that this is the first Super Bowl in history where two brothers will face off against each other.

Will Travis Kelce find the end zone? It's highly probable. Kelce has the second-most TDs in postseason history and is Mahomes's favorite target. His TD prop is -110 at SI Sportsbook, which is the best odds among all players to find the end zone.

Jason Kelce, on the other hand, is an NFL center and not an eligible pass-catcher. He could recover a fumble and run it in for a score, but let's face it, you're only pulling this ticket if you want to set money on fire.

It’s cute, though. I’ll give the bookmakers that.

What Will Be The First Song Rihanna Sings?

It's got to be a popular hit, and it's got to get the crowd amped up. Keep the music is a worthy favorite, but Umbrella could be a good option paying six to one.

Don’t Stop The Music +300
Diamonds +500
What’s My Name +500
Stay +600
Umbrella +600
Lift Me Up +700
We Found Love +700
Where Have You Been +800
Higher +1500
Needed Me +1500
Work +1500
Rude Boy +1600
Hate That I Love You +2000
Unfaithful +2500

What Color Will Rihanna’s First Outfit Be?

Royal purple, jewel-tone teal, and burning red were all the rage on the runways last Fall. I don't think Rihanna will wear either team's colors, so red and teal are out, so if you aren't going with the favorite Black +125, why not go purple at +800? Rihanna also looks gorgeous in metallic and white ( if I'm styling her), and both have nice payouts.

Black +125
Gold +500
Silver/Gray +600
White +600
Green +650
Purple/Pink +800
Red +800
Yellow +800
Brown +1000
Blue +1200
Orange +1800

Gatorade shower

The last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the Gatorade shower was orange. I like orange at +250, and I'll fade yellow, the current favorite. At +700, I might also sprinkle a little on an Aquafina shower. Pepsi could use another placement.

Lime/Green/Yellow +125
Orange +250
Purple +650
Red +700
Clear/Water +700
Blue +900

Proposal Prop

Yes +600
No -1200

Super Bowl MVP Speech

Teammates -135
God +150
City +900
Family or Family Members +1200
Coach +1500
Owner +3000
Does Not Mention Any of the Above +1600

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