TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The world-famous Tyler Junior College Apache Belles remembered a special moment 50 years ago when they performed at Super Bowl VI.

In 1972, the TJC Apache Belles had the special honor of performing for the Dallas Cowboys who won the game.

“I believe one of the Cowboys back then was Danny White and we had a little crush on him,” said Marilyn Brown, a former member of the TJC Apache Belles. “We were close enough where we would all wave.”

Brown remembered she felt butterflies walking into the Tulane Stadium in New Orleans half a century ago.

“When we kind of realized this was a pretty big deal, we started to get very excited,” Brown said.

The Belles went on to perform at another Super Bowl six years later and cheered on the Cowboys again.

Cindy Nick recalled how she felt walking into the New Orleans Superdome that year.

“It just happened to be the first Super Bowl game held in a dome stadium so it was really exciting,” said Nick.

The Belles were able to show off what they wore in both of the Superbowls.

“We had the privilege of wearing it at the Super Bowl. Our Super Bowl halftime theme was American in Paris which was very appropriate for a french quarter setting,” said Nick

Neither of the Belles has watched the halftime shows now. They said the new pop and hip-hop concerts just don’t give the same effect as what they remember during halftime.

“Half the time I’m not even watching halftime because it’s so big and it’s not the dancers I get to see,” said Brown

“I’m glad that the Apache Belles were able to participate in the Super Bowl when it was truly still a halftime show and people still stayed in their seats to watch it and it was not a concert or a produced event,” said Nick.