Whitehouse painting the town red and gold in honor of Mahomes’ big game

The Big Game

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) – This could be the year Patrick Mahomes makes it to the Super Bowl.

And with the Kansas City Chiefs’ big game this weekend, his hometown of Whitehouse couldn’t be more proud. They’re flaunting their support for their favorite NFL quarterback by painting the town red and gold.

Whitehouse has a population of fewer than 10,000 people.

“When I try to explain where Whitehouse is on the map, I just basically tell people, because it’s easier, that we’re just a suburb of Tyler,” said one resident.

While not everyone can easily point to the city on a map, there is one person from Whitehouse who is a household name.

That’s right, Patrick Mahomes. He went from small town stardom to reigning MVP quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“He’s inspired so many people, made many people confident, even me,” said student Savannah Lork.

His family is pretty proud, too.

“He’s got part of my blood in his little veins and he’s just good, but he is so humble to be there,” said Debbie Martin, Mahomes’ grandmother. “He just wants the whole team to be out there winning the game.”

One more thing his grandma, or Nanny as he calls her, says he has running through his veins – ketchup and lots of it.

“Me or his mother would say, go in the kitchen and get you a sandwich and he’d go in there and get 4 slices of bread, get the ketchup, put ketchup on each slice, put it together and start eating,” said Martin.

His hometown wanted to make sure they spread the red, too, in celebration of this weekend’s super bowl-deciding game, and we don’t mean ketchup. Businesses, schools, and city buildings are cloaked in the iconic colors, all in the name of Whitehouse’s “Mahomie.”

“Patrick’s done a great job at representing our community and we’re proud of him and so we wanted to show our support for him and we’re rooting for him to go all the way to the superbowl and win,” said Rebecca Priester, owner of Whitehouse Flowers & Gifts.

The show of support is what many would call legendary, just for their very own Whitehouse legend.

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