TATUM, Texas (KETK) — Jason Holman has been coaching football for 22 years, and this season will be his first as a head coach.

But while he and his staff will be looking to install their new offensive and defensive systems, what they don’t have to cultivate, is love for the game in Tatum.

“You don’t have to stay here very long to figure out there is a lot of pride surrounding Tatum Eagles football,” said Holman. “So that was here well before me, and established well before me, we’re just looking to carry that tradition on and continue to build it.”

What you will see from the Eagles is a commitment to running the ball, with the good old fashion Power Play, as their bread and butter.

“Well for me, for left guard, the Power is where I pull, that’s my money,” said guard Logan Foster. “That’s where I get my time to shine and get my running backs some opportunities to get to the endzone.”

“The heart of our team, the strength of our team, is upfront,” said Holman. “It’s kind of like I was telling the guys in practice today, we want to be able to line up when we need to and move people and. make them like it.”

“It’s going to be hard, but as you see, we still got a wonderful team, and it’s not going to stop, the grind doesn’t stop,” said running back Kavontae Starling.

The Eagles don’t plan to live in the past, but rather build on what they accomplished in 2018, and work to make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

“I’ve been part of last year, It was a great season, I just want to make it to as close to last season as I can, maybe even better,” said Foster.

“I’m ready to be part of something big, and special, I believe we can do it,” said Starling.

The coach Holman regime will officially kick off on August 30th, when the Eagles host the Center Roughriders.