TYLER, Texas (KETK) – “You got a new awakening going on in boxing,” tells the Rumble in Rose City Organizer John Johnson.

With the growing love for boxing in East Texas, the Legion of Boom Boxing gym held the Rumble in Rose City 2 at Tyler High school where kids from ages 8-25 competed.

Johnson said he is excited for the young people involved in the event. “We want to give them a chance to showcase their talent,” adds Johnson.

“It feels really good, right here we don’t get that much support, everyone is sleeping on East Texas, there is a lot of talent here, that nobody knows it’s a good thing that we got to support it and have it grown,” declares Pro Boxer Omar Ureta.

Pro boxers in attendance feel blessed to be able to come to give back to something that help them grow whenever they were younger.

“We started here first, we started fighting amateurs and now these kids look up to us, it means a lot, we are leaving our mark,” says Pro Boxer Kenneth Taylor.

They are proud of all the hard work of these younger boxers and want to give them a platform to showcase their talents. But everyone says the message they are preaching to the kids is bigger than boxing.

“Any obstacle you come up against, the power is deep down within yourself to overcome it. it gets tough, you feel like quitting, you feel like giving up but you don’t do it, you stay the course and things work out,” exclaims Johnsoncan’tJust try to keep their head right, you want to do good in this sport or travel far then you got to put in the work, what you put in is what you going to get out of it… if you don’t put the work in and then you can’t expect too much more out of it,” says Pro Boxer Devon Jones.

“Can’t nobody beat you if you in shape, keep God first, keep working don’t and don’t let nobody say you can’t do it and the sky is the limit,” says Pro Boxer Duke Snyder.