Tyler, Texas (KETK)- The Tyler Legacy baseball team held their media day Saturday morning as they prepared for this upcoming season under first-year head coach Tim Arden, who made his way to the Rose City after leading the Brock Eagles.

“Man I came in here with my first year and these kids, these seniors have been fantastic and they are unbelievable leaders and overall great kids so it’s made a really easy transition,” says head coach Tim Arden.

“He is very encouraging, I feel like the energy around the whole team has just been different, we all love him and we are all bought into him and we are just ready to get going,” adds Senior Walker Freeman.

“We’re trying to bring like a family culture together, I think the better you play together the more wins you will have, and play together as a family and be close together we will have a lot of success,” tells Senior Tye Arden.

Last season at Brock, Arden went to the 3A state championship game after walking it off against Diboll in the semi-finals. Arden says he is excited to get to work in beast Texas and that he wants to bring a sense of excitement to the program.

“I want Tyler Legacy to be the school in Tyler again,” declares Coach Arden.

He adds in the first couple of practices he has seen a lot of hard work and dedication but he wants his guys to have fun, which will lead to success.

“I think our kids are going to play loose, I think that’s something, everywhere I’ve been our kids play loose and they have a lot of fun but they get after it and that’s kind of what I want these kids to be is a loose atmosphere but a team that will fight you to the end,” exclaims Coach Arden.

“It’s great you know, having somebody that you know will support you rather you have two errors in the inning or hit two home runs in an inning, it’s great. You don’t have to worry about stuff it’s great,” says Freeman.

“It’s very important if you’re all uptight and nervous about what you’re going to do then you are not going to play very well but if you’re having fun out there you will play your best,” tells Tye Arden.

Legacy went a few rounds deep in the playoffs and coach Arden wants to make that a norm here in the Red Raider program.

“I want the expectations for this program to be, to beat the Rockwalls, to beat the Heaths. It’s a winning district and I hope 3rd place isn’t something that they look at settling for. So we’re working hard at raising the expectations and I think the kids are buying in,” explains Coach Arden.

“I think we have to be scrappy every game, we have a tough district so I think just putting in the work every single game so we can execute and be disciplined on everything that’s what will make us win,” says Freeman.

The Red Raiders get their season started on the road on Feb. 4th in Ennis.