TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The UT Tyler Patriots are moving on and heading to the super regionals for the second time in a row, setting the standard for Patriots softball for years to come.

“For these girls because of the culmination of a long, long year of work and you try to tell them in the fall, if you believe and do the work, good things can happen. And so sometimes that seems like a lifetime away. So to be here and get another week together and another week for our seniors, I’m really proud of them,” said Head Coach Mike Reed.

Here we go again the UT Tyler Patriots are heading to the super regional round something they said is an amazing accomplishment.

“It’s amazing feeling like this is what, our second year? Being able to go postseason. And here we are winning regionals and being able to host super easy once again this year and being able to host that, that is a blessing in itself,” said Pitcher Tatum Goff.

“Oh, my god. It means everything. Just like, you know, you lose players every year and to see like a program, a team build-up, like from the fall to the spring and know that you’re making it back to the same spot, back to back years. Just like the work, the consistency of all the work and all of that combined is just amazing,” said Third Base Michelle Arias.

Rusk native Tatum Goff has become dominant on the mound this season becoming the single-season record holder for wins with 37.

“Prepare for the team the same way each game. And that’s what I try to do is like I try and tell myself to do the same things before each game. Don’t take one game too seriously or not too seriously. I just try and do everything the same for each one and I think that’s helped with the success of the season,” added Goff.

“She is fired up always. She’s so determined that she never lets anything go to waste. Like she’s always working hard, always wanting to fix things. If they’re not working, she’s just always determined and she always has. Everyone’s, I mean, everyone’s always behind her and everyone’s always proud of her because it’s just her work ethic is amazing. And I know she’LL have our backs the way that we have her,” said First Base Avery Farr.

With all the success Goff is having on the mound she credits the girls behind her for always having her back and playing great defense.

“I’ve been more confident in the people behind me and knowing that I have those girls behind me that are willing to make those kinds of plays and to cut themselves up and everything like that makes me just want to pitch even better for them and like just try and help each other on and off the field,” said Goff.

“Giving it all-out effort all the time. And I feel like it really does help us make some plays that, you know, normally you wouldn’t think that we would be able to make and just giving that all our effort all the time as it shows like on the field. But it’s just knowing that each one of your teammates would go all out for one another is like a big part of the game and it’s amazing,” said Arias.

“We needed the most the diving catch and I think we had one where got off someone’s head and bounced in and you need some of those breaks when you’re going to make a run, you got to be more than good,” said Coach Reed.

Tatum said it’s an amazing feeling being able to represent Rusk in the national tournament.

“I love being out here and having some of the girls that are from my hometown from Rusk come out and support it. I know it makes them happy and it makes me happy to see them here. And I just I’m glad that I am able to help represent East Texas,” smiled Goff.

Although the Patriots are all business on the diamond, they still have fun celebrating the victories throughout the game.

“We are trying to celebrate the little things. I mean, we take pride in celebrating absolutely everything we little can, no matter how small or big. And so throwing in a little fun, some of the fun little dance moves really just bring the energy up and keeps it up and just hopefully translates to the next girl. And it’s almost like passing the baton. Like, you just want to keep passing the energy onto each other,” said Farr.

“Being able to take it out on the field and just like dogfight after a dogfight, like we are here for each other. These are my sisters. Like, it’s amazing,” said Goff.

UT Tyler will host the Super Regionals as they wait for the winner between West Texas A&M and Colorado Christian.