NEAL BARTON’S POV: The tax appraiser thinks I’m rich


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Oh, look. My tax appraisal came in the mail.

Smith County thinks I am rich – again.

I’ll bet your tax appraiser thinks you are rich as well.

In Texas, we like to flaunt the fact we have no state income tax, but look at your property tax bill.

This, right in the middle of the pandemic.

The City of Tyler said we are 9% behind in sales tax revenue. Because politicians shut every thing down as fast as they could because of the virus.

Gee, I wonder how we’ll make that up?

That’s a rhetorical question.

Now, the Smith County appraiser.

Oh, look.

Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott says says we should not raise taxes during this difficult time responding to Democrats.

Has Greg Abbott seen my tax bill?

When every politician was shutting everything down, did they not think this would happen?

And when you do get your tax appraisal, why is the time to respond so short and why is the burden of proof on me to keep my taxes low? Why isn’t on the tax appraiser to prove my taxes should go up?

And, to use some 1970s vernacular, shouldn’t it be easier to “take on the man”?

The rules should be more fair, not just written for them by them.

That’s my point of view what’s yours.

You can email me at or Facebook me at KETK Neal Barton.

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