NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton.

There’s so-called political drama going on right now in Washington, D.C. We record these Point of Views ahead of time so as of Thursday afternoon we still don’t have a Speaker of the House. What’s this all about? People from what claims to be the conservative political party not being conservative enough. Love them or hate them these 20 Republicans want less spending. We hear from the so-called TV wizards of smart that this is embarrassing.

Is this embarrassing? This is the way our system is set up. I’ll tell you what embarrassing is, running away in Afghanistan and leaving tax-payer-funded equipment behind. Embarrassing is begging people in the Middle East for more oil when we have our own. Embarrassing is a wide open border with fentanyl, “I won’t even say smuggled in just walked across.”

This speaker thing will come to an end, and a week afterward will be ancient history. So, take what these pundits say with a grain of salt. That’s my point of view what’s yours? You can email me at or Facebook me at KETK Neal Barton.

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