NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton

We still have some questions about how the votes were counted in the last election.

We’ve been told everything is being done this go around to ensure confidence, but look no further than Pennsylvania to see the problem with, you guessed it, mail-in ballots for these midterms.

The law passed by the legislature there says you can’t count ballots which are not dated correctly, but enter the Democratic Lieutenant Governor who says they will be counted.

Here’s what the newspaper says. State law requires voters to handwrite a date on the outer envelope when returning mail-in ballots, but the question of whether they can be counted without a date or must be thrown out has been a persistent source of political and legal conflict since the 2020 election.

A series of challenges in state and federal courts have led to a murky legal landscape in which Democrats say undated ballots must be counted and Republicans say they must be rejected.

Thank you Pennsylvania for screwing everything up again.

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