HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston has several nicknames — The Bayou City, H-Town — but its true identity lies within the moniker “Space City.” NASA’s Johnson Space Center sits within the metropolitan area and explores both past and future efforts toward space travel.

Some of mankind’s greatest achievements have been supported by and directed from that facility — which still has people dedicated to “advances in science, technology, engineering and medicine that enable us to explore our world and universe as never before,” according to its website — and there’s a museum near it that celebrates them all.

Space Center Houston offers exhibits, activities and learning opportunities based on space missions from the past and those planned for the future.

One of the most recent additions is the Artemis display.

Destination Texas: Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston is not only a museum about America’s accomplishments in space exploration, it also details what’s in store for future missions (CW39 Photo)

It’s an opportunity to learn about America’s plans to return to the moon, set up a base there, and eventually use it for manned missions to Mars.

First-time visitors will be drawn to Starship Gallery. It begins with a short film that details what it took to land humans on the moon more than 50 years ago and continues with artifacts from that era including actual space capsules used in those missions.

People can also use an app when they arrive to book tram tours to the actual facility, including George W.S. Abbey Rocket Park to see one of only three remaining Saturn V rockets and the Astronaut Training Facility. For an extra fee, people can tour the historic mission control, situated just above the current active mission control, where NASA teams monitored the Gemini and Apollo missions, including man’s first steps on the moon.

The Space Center Houston website provides information on operating hours and admission pricing.

It’s worth noting that visitors will save $5 if they purchase tickets in advance online.