*We’ve received confirmation that Canton’s First Monday Trade Days will be open come Sept. 1.

CANTON, Texas (KETK) – Canton’s First Monday Trade Days, which is known for their flea market, was severely flooded on Monday.

Many people stopped to check out the damage and even vendors went out to see what they could salvage.

“This is peoples lively hood, the ones who’s booths have flooded… now they have to take everything out, they have to sanitize, they have to disinfect, especially if it’s food,” said vendor Lori Trent.

Some vendors were not impacted but the ones who were will have extensive cleanup and will have to pay for it themselves.

“If you have a box of cups sitting on the floor, it’s gone. So now you’ve lost that product so not only that you lost that money, you lost that product now you have to resupply so now you have to double it and it’s not like they are gonna reimburse you, they’re not… it’s a risk you have to take,” said Trent.

Trent said it will have to take team work to rebuild and is hopeful to be ready by the next opening of First Monday.

Flooding damaged roads in the area and impacted the safety and commute of drivers. Many first responders helped people who were stranded in flooded waters. Officials say to stay in your vehicle and call 911.

“If they were to get out , it’s hard for them to tell how fast the body of water is moving so if they were to get out the water can rush them on down and next thing you know we have a bigger incident,” said Lieutenant Cody Craig of South Van Zandt County Fire Department.

First responders said roads are passable and the only area still affected is First Monday Trade Days in Canton. The next scheduled opening is Sept. 1.