Here is what to do if your pipes are frozen

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TYLER, Texas (KETK/KPRC) – Tens of thousands of East Texans are waking up to frozen pipes along with several water main breaks across multiple communities.

There are several steps you can take before or even after your pipes are frozen, according to our sister station KPRC.

Fill up your bathtub before shutting off your water

If you still can, fill up your bathtub with water before shutting off the water. This allows you to add fresh water to the tank your toilet.

Shut off your water ASAP

Many pipe breaks happen when they begin to thaw. Shutting off the water will limit the damage in the event of a break since there is no water still coming in.

Do NOT thaw them out on your own

Your pipes are more likely to be damaged when you try to artificially thaw them than letting the weather warm back up.

Turn on bathtub faucet or mainline into your home

This allows pressure on your pipes to decrease when they do start to thaw; it allows for an opening for the water to drain through.

Do I call a plumber?

If you see any visible signs of damage to your pipes, call a plumber. You should also call if you see water ponding on your walls or your ceiling.

Be warned though, their response time will be severely hampered by not only the weather, but the demand for them will skyrocket when the thawing begins.

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