UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A severe storm that produced a tornado with reported injuries in Upshur County late Monday night has been given an initial tornado rating of EF-2.

*Tuesday 1:20 PM update: NWS Meteorologists have found new damage south of Gilmer consistent with EF-2 damage with top winds at 130 mph.

Our East Texas Storm Team was tracking this storm as it intensified near Gilmer Monday evening. You’ll note the rotation was very pronounced. What triggered a confirmed tornado was the debris that was lofted into the storm. That debris is in a dark blue color, identifying to the Meteorologists that the radar is seeing objects that are not water droplets.

This EF-2 tornado is on the high-end of its rating scale. In this type of tornado, the damage is classified as “considerable”.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service office in Shreveport are on the ground surveying damage associated with the storms from Monday evening & Tuesday morning. Two teams from the Shreveport NWS office will assess damage from Smith County to Cass County, and another will assess damage from Cherokee County to Harrison County.

Storm surveys will continue today and into Wednesday. NWS from Houston/Galveston is surveying damage in Houston County. It is possible NWS Fort Worth may visit Anderson, Henderson, & Van Zandt counties for possible damage if necessary.