TONIGHT: Increasing clouds after midnight. Low: 45. Winds: S 10-15 MPH.

TOMORROW: Mostly cloudy with drizzle and showers. Temperatures will remain warm despite any rainfall that occurs due to a strong wind out of the SW. Chance of rain: 60%. High: 63. Winds: S 15-20 MPH.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with a few showers around. There will be a low chance of strong to severe storms in Deep East Texas. Temperatures will remain warm. Chance of rain: 30%-60% (Deep East Texas). Low: 58. High: 62. Winds: NW 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with a couple of showers late in the day. Chance of rain: 20%. Low: 44. High: 50. Winds: N 10-15 MPH.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with another round of showers and thunderstorms moving through the area through the afternoon. Chance of rain: 60%. Low: 41. High: 44. Winds: N 10-15 MPH.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with additional showers and thunderstorms. Storms will begin to taper off Wednesday Night. Chance of rain: 60%. Low: 37. High: 43. Winds: NE 10 MPH.

THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with morning showers and chilly temperatures in the afternoon. Chance of rain: 30%. Low: 36. High: 47. Winds: N 10 MPH.

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy skies and a little warmer. Low: 33. High: 50. Winds: NE 10 MPH.