Showers will end this afternoon. Skies will be cloudy tonight and Monday morning. Rain will begin again around noon Monday. Once the rain starts, it is not expected to end until midnight Thursday night.

TONIGHT: Mostly Cloudy. Low 36. Wind N 10 G 20 mph.
MONDAY: Cloudy. 40% chance of showers after noon. High 42. Wind N 10 mph.
MONDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. 60% chance of showers. Low 39. Wind N 10 mph.
TUESDAY: 80% chance of showers. High 41.
TUESDAY NIGHT: 80% chance of showers. Low 33.
WEDNESDAY: 90% chance of showers. High 42.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT: 90% chance of showers. Low 40.
THURSDAY: 80% chance of showers. High 47.
THURSDAY NIGHT: 20% chance of showers before midnight. Low 37.
FRIDAY: Sunny. High 55.
FRIDAY NIGHT: Mostly Clear. Low 35.
SATURDAY: Mostly Sunny. High 57.