SUNDAY NIGHT: Mainly cloudy with temperatures dropping mainly into the mid-30s. A light freeze is possible closer to the I-30 corridor. Wind: NE 10 mph.

MONDAY: Clouds decrease from north to south throughout the day. Highs in the mid-50s. Wind: NE 5-10 mph.

TUESDAY: After a cold start, clouds increase throughout the day. A 10% chance of light showers in the evening. Low: 29. High: 57. Wind: ESE 5 mph.

WEDNESDAY: A mix of clouds and sunshine. Low: 44. High: 64. Wind: SW 5 mph.

THURSDAY: Mainly sunny skies and mild. Low: 40. High: 69. Wind: W 5 mph.

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers as a cold front moves through. Low: 49. High: 71. Wind: SW 10 mph.

SATURDAY: Mainly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers. Low: 44. High: 56. Wind: NW 15 mph.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and cooler. Low: 34. High: 53. Wind: E 5-10 mph.