TYLER (KETK) – Thursday morning, NOAA predicted a warmer and drier winter for the majority of East Texas. This is consistent with a typical La Niña pattern. Last Thursday, NOAA made it official that a La Niña pattern had developed which correlates to warmer and drier conditions across much of the southern United States. Below are the forecast maps released for meteorological winter which runs from December 1st through February 28th.

You can see that our region is highlighted with a 40%-50% chance of above-normal temperatures for meteorological winter with a 33%-40% chance of below-normal rainfall. NOAA states that our region is leaning towards below-normal precipitation and above-normal temperatures.

Here are the “normals” for some of our major cities in East Texas.

NOAA’s expectation is that we’ll be slightly above these temperatures during the winter months while seeing rainfall accumulations below what you see just above.

This isn’t the best news because Thursday’s drought monitor update reflects worsening drought conditions with a lack of rain so far this month.

While winter weather looks less likely according to this forecast, there’s always a potential of seeing a winter weather event of two during the winter months. Obviously, we learned that lesson the hard way last February so it’s a good idea to stay tuned for the latest forecast from the East Texas Storm Team.

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