Meteorological Spring begins in March and spring means severe weather season in Texas. We will start our severe weather season off with two rounds of severe weather. A few severe storms will be possible on Wednesday, and then a severe weather outbreak will be possible on Thursday. Let’s discuss!

On Thursday, we’ll get a more organized storm system moving in, which will bring a much higher chance of severe weather. In fact, parts of our area have been upgraded to a Moderate Risk, which is a level 4 out of 5.

There will be plenty of Gulf moisture available for thunderstorms to form and also plenty of wind shear for those storms to become severe.

Due to the storm timing and the amount of ingredients that will be in place, widespread severe weather is likely.

All modes of severe weather could potentially be significant. This means straight-line wind gusts could exceed 75 mph, tornadoes could be EF-2 or stronger, or hail could be larger than 2-inches in diameter.

The storm threat on Thursday looks to come in two rounds. The first round will be during the afternoon and early evening, when isolated supercells or thunderstorm clusters will develop and bring the greatest risk of tornadoes (some of which could be strong) and large hail. Then, a line of storms will develop and move across our area Thursday evening and into the night, bringing a primary risk of straight-line wind gusts in excess of 75 mph and embedded tornadoes.

Make sure to have multiple ways of receiving weather alerts, including the East Texas Storm Team app and a NOAA Weather Radio. Know where your tornado safe place is (lowest floor, interior room of a sturdy structure) and make sure everyone in your household knows where that place is. Due to the threat of widespread damaging winds on Thursday, numerous power outages will be possible, so be prepared for that with flashlights, batteries, and charged phones.

If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, here’s what to do: Know a sturdy structure you can shelter in well ahead of the severe weather threat, like a friend’s house or a hotel. When a Tornado Watch is issued, make your way over to that sturdy structure. When a Tornado Warning is issued, that is when you get into an interior room on the lowest floor of that sturdy structure.

Remember, even though widespread severe weather is possible, the chances of you being directly hit by a tornado is low. Be prepared, know where your tornado safe place is, and you’ll be fine!